Here on our predominately beef and arable farm in Buckinghamshire we have expanded our crops to grow beautiful orange pumpkins timed to ripen for the Halloween festivities in October.

The pumpkins are nurtured by hand from little seeds in greenhouses until they are large enough to be planted out in the fields. A lot of time, sweat and love go in to growing our fabulous pumpkins which not only look fantastic when carved in to scary scenes or faces to make Halloween lanterns but are delicious to eat as well.

How to buy one of our pumpkins

Our pumpkins will be on sale from the time that they are ripe. This is timed to occur (weather dependant) at the end of the first week in October.

They will be on display and available to be individually chosen and purchased from the farmyard at Weedon Hill Farm off the Buckingham Road, HP22 4DP, just outside of the town of Aylesbury. There is plenty of room for parking so just pop in and Farmer Paul or one of his team will be able to help you. They will be priced according to their size and will start from as little as £1.99.

At the farmyard we can only accept cash.

We are also able to wholesale our pumpkins. For enquires, wholesale prices and forms of payments please email farmer.paul@hotmail.co.uk or call Farmer Paul on 07815 678 324

How long have you been growing pumpkins for?

After a couple of small 'practice' runs by Farmer Paul to ensure he chose the best quality pumpkin seeds for the Weedon Hill Farm soil and perfected the perfect growing techniques we commercially have been growing Pumpkins for the last two years.

After last years huge success where we very nearly sold out completely before Halloween had arrived we have expanded our range and pumpkin crop for the forthcoming festivities. 

Pumpkin Recipe

Ever wondered what to do with the left over flesh of the pumpkin? Well wonder no longer.

Paul’s wife Rosalie is a keen cook and in typical farmers wife style she has notched up a couple of her favourite recipes to share with you.

View the recipe